About us

DdO Publishing is a sole propriotorship of David den Ouden and is part of Link to the DdO Creatieve Diensten and Consultancy websiteDdO Creatieve Diensten en Consultancy. The publisher focuses on the publication of (greeting) cards and small press comics. DdO Publishing was founded in September 2019. At the moment I mainly publish cards for my other company Link to the Go Baaa! websiteGo Baaa!. Go Baaa! sells greeting cards, T-shirts, hoodies and other apparel with cartoons and illustrations of animals, wildlife and mainly variants of sheep.


Disclaimer: all rights reserved. The copyright for all images, whether photos, cartoons or illustrations, lies with me, David den Ouden, the creator of all these works. For usage of my images and image licences, please contact me.